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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Strengthes and weaknesses as English teacher

I learned many good things in this class, especially the mimic lesson and Mr.M's lecture were useful for me. Then, I think that what are the strengthes and weaknesses as English teacher.

I think that English is active subject, so English teacher can make the class active. As a result, the students can fun of the class.
And, I think that English is easy to apply. For example, when the student eat a lunch, the teacher say " What are you doing?" , the student say " I am eating a lunch". So, the students can review the grammer of Gennzai sinnkoukei.

As the preceding sentence, I think that English is active subject, so the class is possible to make noise.
And, we are Japanese, and our native language is Japanese. So, I don't have confidence in my English ability. I think that other Japanese English teachers also feel so.

That is to say,I think that first it is necessary to have the confidence and fun English for English teacher. And, anytime they must study English.


Blogger The lion said...

Hello,I'm lion. I agree with your opinion. English is the most active subject than others. But English isn't alien for many students. So teacher teach English more actively and we think how entertain students in the class. This is the most important but it is very difficult for teachers.

3:29 PM  
Blogger NYD said...

Minesuke. Where are you????
You haven't posted anything new for a looooong time

9:10 AM  

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