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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thinking of group work

I have studied in groups many times since I was a elementary school student. I like group work. I think that of course students like it very much, because group work is active. And, tell the truth, the students are easy to chat with their friends. So, at times, the classroom are noisy places. And, when they study in group, only particular students study hard, the other students idle and rely on the students who study hard. As a result, it happened the differences for drive of study between the two types students.
But, if it's done well, it benefits for the students.I think that we should refer the U junior high school' s group work.
When I observe this school's English class, the each students in the group were given several different works from the teacher. Consequently, the each students try to achieve their works not to trouble to other members. And, the ties of students may deepen. So, I think that the group work depends on ways.


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